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Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Yelp. FourSquare.

These are not just cool buzz words but the new way to connect to a growing network of people.

Who are these people? Your neighbors, the guy driving in front of you, the woman that's walking down the street. They're everyone - not just the "Gen-Y" crowd.

Social Media allows you to communicate INSTANTLY with the consumer base and that consumer base will tell others about you via the same social media networks!

Here's an example of how ConXis Technologies can help others by using Social Media

Everyday, Jo at Jo's Sandwich shop has three special sandwiches and she used to just write the specials on a chalk board inside the restaurant. The problem is that unless you are inside the restaurant you won't know what the special is. ConXis Technologies' Social Media consulting service was able to sit down with Jo and discuss her daily special dilemma.

First, a Facebook Fan Page was created for Jo's Sandwich Shop and Jo was taught how to use these two fast growing social networks. Jo now sends out a message on Facebook by using either her smartphone or the computer in her office. Promoting her new Facebook fan page account was easy, because she was able to just put a small card into a bag with her freshly made sandwiches. The person getting the sandwich was now able to view the information at their work or home and connect right away with Jo to see what she would have special tomorrow. That card is then passed from friend to friend and co-worker to co-worker so everyone can know what Jo is making fresh right away.

Next, a Twitter account was created. Every day Jo sends a message via Twitter with the secret word of the day. If a customer sees the tweet with the secret word, they can tell it to Jo when they place their order. Because they said the secret word (and no, a duck did not drop from the sky when this happened), they get a reward of a choice of a free dill pickle or free bag of chips.

A Yelp account was created for Jo's Sandwich Shop. Jo uses Yelp to read what her customers think of her sandwiches because Yelp is an online directory that allows people to review businesses. Jo checks her Yelp page everyday to see what her customers are saying about their dining experience, which allows for her makes adjustments as needed to her business. If someone was unhappy with customer service the night before and it was posted on Yelp, Jo can read about it and address the concerns of the customer right away. Jo will also use this review to talk to the front counter employee that was on duty at the time the problem occurred and perform employee management.

Finally, FourSquare is a location based Social Media network. People can "check in" from various places such as dog parks, restaurants, airports, hair salons, etc. If you have the most "check ins" then you will be called the Mayor of that location. Jo's Sandwich Shop was now listed on FourSquare and she made sure everyone knew this by putting signs on her front door, on her counter, in her menu and on her website. Customers now "check in" at Jo's Sandwich Shop and for every 4th check in, they will earn a free cookie. The customers love the cookies that Jo bakes so this incentive keeps them coming back in.

By using Social Media, Jo was able to reach a new customer base and offer specials instantly AND those specials are sent to her customer base where they will see them immediately.

Talk to us about how Social Media can help get out your message!

(Oh yeah - we can be reached via the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and FourSquare social media icons above.)

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